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ARAUCO is the third biggest producer in the global panel market, offering a wide variety of products and services with global coverage.

The Panel business produces medium density fiberboard (MDF), particleboard (PB and MDP), hardboard (HB) panels with focus on value added products such as melamine (TFL), and lacquer panels, among other products for the furniture and construction industries. These products are sold under the brands TRUPAN, VESTO, Faplac, Flakeboard, Duraflake, CHOLGUAN and Durolac. We also are a world leader in the manufacture and sale of Ultralight MDF mouldings, sold under the TruChoice brand. In the Panel business, ARAUCO has achieved a sustained production increase, due primarily to its expansion to Argentina and Brazil in past decades, and to the purchase of panel mills in the United States and Canada, which have transformed the company into one of the major producers at the global level, with a combined production capacity of 5.9 million m3 at the company’s 13 mills. 

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ARAUCO is the third biggest producer in the global panel market, offering a wide … fiberboard (MDF), particleboard (PB and MDP), hardboard (HB) panels with …

Flakeboard (MDF, PB, TFL)
Manufacturing North America’s most diverse line of composite panel products with quality, service, innovation and passion.
TRUPAN panels are manufactured using fresh pine fiber sourced from debarked Radiata or Taeda pine trees from our sustainably-managed plantation forests and are processed in our state-of-the-art mills located in Chile, Brazil and Argentina, to obtain one of the most versatile and light color MDF available in the market.
Faplac (PB)
Particleboard panels (PB) made from a mix of willow (outer face, for lighter color), eucalyptus and pine (inner core) particles. Both sides are melamine coated and are available in solid colors and wooden designs.
VESTO melamine (TFL)

Durolac (Lacquer)
Durolac is a thin panel with a smooth lacquered face in solid colors or wooden designs.
For a better peformance in high humidity environments such as bathroom and kitchen applications, Durolac features solid colors in a HB (CHOLGUAN) substrate.
Wooden designs and other colors are made in MDF substrate which offers a smooth and light color back face.
CHOLGUAN is a wet-process, smooth-one-side (screenback) thin hardboard panel, made with 100% Radiata Pine fibers. It is manufactured using the natural resins inherent in the wood species. This strong and flexible panel is 35% more dense than regular MDF and moisture resistant.
TruChoice (Mouldings) 
TruChoice mouldings are the right choice for every building professional. With more than 10,000 profiles – the broadest mix available from a single manufacturer – TruChoice mouldings are precision-milled for consistent high quality and lasting visual appeal.
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