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Demidovo Plywood Mill

Demidovo Plywood Mill produces film faced plywood from birch with high-grade physical and mechanical characteristics as well as the excellent surface quality. Because of the fact that these properties provide a possibility of wide spectrum of application of our products, they are estimated at their true worth by many Russian and foreign partners.

The production process is organized in such a way that obligations of punctual delivery are fulfilled at all times that lets our customers use an option of “Just-in-time delivery” when dealing with us.

The distinctive feature of our production is an absolute flexibility

At request of our customers we are able to customize our products according to those technical specifications that would be indicated by our client for an immediate application of the product that undoubtedly decreases the customer’s manufacturing process and increases the effectiveness of those processes of our clients depending on the application of our product.

Company offers a wide range of the plywood from birch.

Main office:
10, 1-st Pekhotnyj side-st., Moscow, Russia, 123182

Ph.: +7 (495) 158-0507, 258-2512

Fax: +7 (495) 785-5491

E-mail: demidovo@demidovo.ru

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