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Garnica Plywood
We challenge the ordinary by exploring the limits of perfection to engineer the finest plywood for the most demanding clients. Garnica Plywood Desafiamos lo ordinario explorando los límites de la perfección para desarrollar un contrachapado excepcional para los clientes más exigentes.

Plywood Panels
Check out the 34 Browse All of Garnica . All our panels are particularly noted for their …

Our product range comprises seven families of plywood products, which are not just …

Structural insulated panels with great mechanical properties. Listado estático G …

Product Families
Our products are grouped into different families based on the main benefit of each …

Our outstanding finishes bring added value to the product, ensuring it adaption to any …

Check out the 10 Browse All of Garnica . All our panels are particularly noted for their

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