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Guangxi Forestry Group Co., Ltd

Guangxi Forestry Group Co., Ltd

Guangxi Forestry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Forestry Group) was established on October 10, 2008 with the approval of the people’s Government of the autonomous region. It is a large state-owned enterprise directly under the autonomous region. The registered capital of the forestry group is 850 million yuan, and the assets included include the assets of Guangxi Gaofeng Forest Pulp and paper industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and the 2.12 million mu state-owned forest land assets of Gaofeng, QIPO, Dongmen, paiyangshan, Qinlian, Bobai, 60000, Liangfengjiang, Weidu, Sanmenjiang, Huangmian, Dagui mountain and Yachang.

According to the decision-making and deployment of the Party committee and the people’s Government of the autonomous region, the forestry group is the unified financing platform for the construction of Guangxi national reserve forest base project (hereinafter referred to as the national reserve forest project), which is mainly responsible for the construction of the coastal forest pulp paper integration project, the construction of the national reserve forest project, the development of the forest industry and the construction of the forestry ecology. It is also responsible for building the leading and strengthening of Guangxi forestry enterprises It is an important task to develop the forestry industry, build a world-class “aircraft carrier” of Forest Pulp paper, and promote the development of paper and wood processing industry in Guangxi.

After several years of development, the forestry group’s business has developed from single forest building and wood-based panel processing to the first, second and third industries of forestry. Among them, the first production of forestry includes the cultivation of forest resources, and now it has 460000 mu of leased forest land. The second industry includes forest pulp paper integration and forest board integration; the third industry includes forestry logistics, forestry finance, forestry trade, forest tourism, forest food, etc., forming an integrated development pattern with prominent main industry and the whole industrial chain. At present, the forestry group has 20 secondary companies and 15 tertiary companies; the total assets of the forestry group is 9.665 billion yuan.

The forestry group comprehensively implements the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, focuses on the main business, actively serves the overall economic and social development of the country and the autonomous region, adheres to the precise efforts to build “three ecology” and achieve “two completion”, deeply implements the forestry industry strategy of “strengthening one in three forestry chain integration”, the strategy of “combination of industry and finance” and “two wheel drive”, and integrates forestry The group fight has created an “aircraft carrier” leading the development of the forestry industry in our district, a unique force for the implementation of the green development strategy in our district, a first-class and influential modern forestry comprehensive demonstration group in China, and made every effort to promote the transformation and upgrading of the forestry industry in Guangxi, so as to make the group stronger and better. By 2020, the forestry group will have a forest land area of more than 3 million mu, the total assets and annual operating revenue will reach the goal of “double 10 billion yuan”, and the annual profit will exceed 200 million yuan. Gradually build up the industrial support and “main force” of Guangxi forestry, strive to build the benchmark of national modern forestry comprehensive demonstration enterprise and world-class Forest Pulp paper and wood processing industry aircraft carrier.

Address: Linhai building, No.107, Dongge Road, Nanning, Guangxi

Post code: 530022

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Fax: 0771-5755600

Website: http://www.gxlyjt.com

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