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Guangxi Guoxu Forestry Development Group Co., Ltd

Guangxi Guoxu Forestry Development Group Co., Ltd

Guangxi Guoxu Forestry Development Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Guoxu group) is under the policy background of comprehensively promoting supply side structural reform and state-owned forest farm reform, approved by the Forestry Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with Guangxi state-owned Gaofeng forest farm, Guangxi Nanning arboretum, Guangxi state-owned Bobai forest farm, Guangxi state-owned Dagui mountain forest farm and other state-owned forest farms directly under Guangxi as the first shares East unit, a large state-owned holding enterprise formed by the integration and reorganization of more than ten wood-based panel enterprises, including Guangxi Huafeng Forestry Group Co., Ltd., Guangxi Haolin wood-based panel Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Dupangling Wood Industry Co., Ltd., which are subordinate to 13 state-owned forest farms.

Guoxu group is one of the largest wood-based panel industry groups in China, which integrates research and development, production and sales of wood-based panels. The group has total assets of nearly 2.5 billion yuan, annual operating revenue of 2 billion yuan and more than 1300 employees. It has 7 production bases of artificial board, which are distributed in Nanning, Yulin, Hezhou, Guilin and other places. At present, the production capacity of fiberboard is 850000 cubic meters, particleboard is 450000 cubic meters, and the total production capacity is 130 cubic meters (it will reach 2.5 million cubic meters after the completion of the reorganization), ranking first in Guangxi and leading in China. Relying on the shareholder units, the group has 13 raw material forest bases, including Gaofeng forest farm, Bobai forest farm and Dagui mountain forest farm. The group has two famous wood-based panel brands of “Gaolin” and “broadhaolin”, more than 10 national patents and 2 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements.

The group is committed to developing into a first-class comprehensive forestry industry investment group in China. In the next five years, the group will focus on the construction of three bases, i.e. high-efficiency industrial raw material forest base, high-quality wood-based panel production base and comprehensive forestry industry base, and five development platforms, i.e. forest panel industry development platform, forest products financial service platform, forest products Park operation platform, forest products research and innovation platform, and forest products foreign cooperation platform. Strive to reach the end of the 13th Five Year Plan period, with an annual operating income of 10 billion yuan, and realize the public issuance of shares.

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