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Largest manufacturer of fancy veneer in Japan … HOKUSAN’s simple policy is “to produceveneer from every kind of fine wood in the world.” Offices in Japan …

Largest manufacturer of fancy veneer in Japan

HOKUSAN produces about one million square meters of veneer monthly from the logs which come from all over the world. The number of available species is more than one hundred. HOKUSAN also produces veneer with various backing, such as paper, plywood, glass, plastic and even iron. Not only has HOKUSAN veneer covered the walls of first class cabins of trains and ships, palaces and symphony halls, homes and offices, but it is also found on high quality furniture, musical instruments, high-grade boxes and electronic equipments in many countries. 
One of the reasons for the outstanding success of HOKUSAN is because it has been constantly searching for ways to improve the cutting process. Through years of dedicated research, HOKUSAN craftsmen are getting a 200-300% greater yield per log than other veneer companies using standard methods. By slicing thinner layers, more of the log is used not only by less waste, but also by producing a greater number of matching sheets from the same log. Therefore, HOKUSAN is contributing to offer a minimum impact on the environment.
HOKUSAN’s simple policy is “to produce veneer from every kind of fine wood in the world.” Offices in Japan, Bolivia, Brazil and the United States are dedicating to the pursuit of the most attractive and unusual wood that nature has offered. People feel at ease and comfortable to see beautiful grain of wood veneer, and this is why its usage will be still growing.

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