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Hubei Baoyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd

Founded in 2002, Hubei Baoyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Ziling Town, Dongbao District, Jingmen City. It has a fixed assets of 1.155 billion yuan, 1300 employees and an annual production capacity of 500000 cubic meters of wood-based panels. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a national key enterprise in agricultural industrialization, a core enterprise in the national modern forestry Dongbao forest industry science and Technology Industrial Park, and a forestry industry in Hubei Province Leading enterprises and key dispatching enterprises in Jingmen City. “Baoyuan” registered trademark is recognized as “well-known protection” by the State Administration for Industry and commerce.

The company has four production lines, including: the first phase was put into production in 2003, using the complete set of equipment of Shanghai wood-based panel machine factory Co., Ltd. Phase II was put into production in 2005, and the main equipment was imported from Germany, Austria, the United States and Italy. The two production lines can produce 2-44mm medium (high) density fiberboard with annual production capacity of 230000 cubic meters with small diameter and branch as main raw materials. The third phase was put into production in 2010. The main equipment and process were imported from diefenbach company of Germany, parman company and GTS company of the United States. With the specification of Yiyang as the main raw material, the directional structural plate with a thickness of 6-40mm can be produced, with a design annual production capacity of 220000m3. The homogeneous particleboard production line matched with the directional structural board production line was put into production in 2011, with an annual production capacity of 50000 cubic meters. The four production lines are built adjacent to each other. The timber is purchased and stored in a unified way, and is used for fiberboard and directional structural board production lines by tree species and grades. The bottom corner material of the directional structural board production line is used for the homogeneous particleboard production line. As the fuel of two energy plants, the bark and corner waste produced by three production lines are used to heat four production lines, which not only saves energy, but also reduces emissions, and realizes the best use of resources.

The company adheres to the continuous development of new products with Baoyuan characteristics, and always maintains the leading product quality in the same industry in China. At present, there are nearly 100 kinds of products in five categories, such as fiberboard, fine wood board, floor, wooden door and veneer, which are sold in 31 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) in China. The products are mainly used for decoration, furniture, floor, wooden structure room, mechanical packaging, daily packaging, container floor, bus and refrigerated car floor, train and ship assembly.

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