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Jilin Forest Industry wood based panel Group Co., Ltd

Jilin Forest Industry wood based panel Group Co., Ltd

Their official website http://www.jilinsengong.com/jituan.asp ,please recheck when contact with them .

Jilin Forest Industry wood based panel Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary group established by Jilin Forest Industry Group of China to implement the forest panel integration strategy and strengthen the human panel industry. With a registered capital of 1.57 billion yuan, it has 21 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, which are distributed in Jilin, Beijing, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Guangzhou and other provinces, and has national reserves Forest base, headquartered in Changchun, Jilin Province.

The company has 18 wood-based panel production lines, 9 of which are the most advanced continuous flat pressing wood-based panel production lines in the world. Its main products are medium and high density fiberboard and particleboard. It has the ability to produce 1.6mm ultra-thin fiberboard, as well as multi-functional fiberboard and particleboard, such as fire-retardant, moisture-proof and mildew proof, formaldehyde free addition, deep molding, interior and exterior wall decoration, with an annual production capacity of 2.2 million m3. Many products are known as “Chinese high-quality wood-based panel”.

Among them, Lushuihe brand particleboard, green environmental protection, low formaldehyde emission, won the titles of China famous brand, China famous trademark, China ecological origin certification product, China environmental mark certification product, etc., was awarded the titles of China national brand of wood-based panel, rest assured consumer brand, China boutique particleboard, and was the first choice of famous furniture manufacturing enterprises; Jinai brand, Liao brand and GE Ruisen brand MDF, respectively, has won the famous trademark titles of Hubei Province and Hunan Province, and jinei brand MDF has won 20 national patents, known as China’s top quality MDF.

The company’s quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health management system and formaldehyde emission of products have respectively passed ISO9001, ISO14001, GB / T28001, carb-p2 certification in the United States and f ★★★★ certification in Japan.

Standing at a new historical starting point, the company takes the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development as its operation focus and ideological guide, organizes production in strict accordance with the national environmental protection regulations, actively does a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction, and protects the environment; strengthens the construction of forest resource base, develops the integrated industry of forest and board, vigorously cultivates forest resources, creates a green home, and realizes the harmony between man and nature Harmonious development: accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading, strive to realize the high-end, brand and characteristic of its own industry, continuously promote the management and technology upgrading of wood-based panel industry, achieve better and better business performance, serve customers, fulfill social responsibilities, and create a green, healthy, harmonious and beautiful life.

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