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Jixiang wood industry Group

“Jixiang people’s afforestation products group” (Jixiang wood industry) and “Asia creation group” (Asia creation). It belongs to the Asian wood industry and is one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of laminate flooring, medium and high density fiberboard and Particleboard in Asia. The management team of Asian wood industry is composed of experienced managers from the world’s top multinational companies.

Asian wood industry has many production bases in China, which are located in Leshan, Sichuan, Heyuan, Huizhou and other places in Guangdong. With a total investment of more than 200 million US dollars, it has established many branches and supporting logistics centers throughout the country, and has 760000 Mu artificial forest base, nearly 1000 distributors and partners, as well as more than 3000 employees from all over the world.

International Jixiang human afforestation products group (Jixiang wood industry) is the largest subsidiary of Asian wood industry and the supplier of high-end density board and deep processing products in China. Jixiang wood industry was initiated and founded by Mr. Mo Ruoyu and Mr. Spencer in 1993. It is a successful example for international financial companies to invest in mainland China. Its investment scale has reached 150 million US dollars. At present, its products include medium and high density fiberboard, decorative board and laminate floor. Jixiang wood industry occupies 70% of the market of high-end sheet (6mm and below thickness specification) in the field of medium and high density fiberboard Share, covering more than 120 processing manufacturers in furniture, packaging, decorative building materials, handicrafts, electronic circuit boards and other industries, becoming the preferred raw material supplier of well-known brands in various industries. In the field of laminate flooring, Jixiang brand is also one of the leading enterprises of laminate flooring in China, and has been awarded the national inspection free product twice in a row.

Jixiang wood industry has a large-scale production base in China, its marketing headquarter is located in Shanghai, the financial capital of China, and has sales branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu and other cities, with an annual turnover of more than 900 million yuan, and nearly 2000 employees from all over the world in China.

Leshan factory of Jixiang wood industry

“Leshan auspicious elephant” was built in 1995. With an annual output of 100000 cubic meters of high-quality medium and high-density fiberboard production line and an annual output of 8 million square meters of laminate flooring, 25 million square meters of high-quality decorative paper impregnation deep processing workshop. Leshan Jixiang introduced the “19 meter continuous press” of German diefenbach company, as well as the equipment of German companies such as homage and Witz.

In order to meet the needs of the growing furniture and decoration industry, Leshan factory invested in the construction of a high-quality medium and high-density fiberboard production line with an annual output of 210000 cubic meters in 2007, which was successfully completed and put into operation in August 2010. The new production line has the most advanced German diefenbach continuous press, which can flexibly adjust product specifications and sizes to meet the professional customization of different customers Demand.

Jixiang wood industry Shishou factory

Hubei Jixiang has three production lines, i.e. improved continuous press in Germany, mender press in France and direct printing board in Italy, with an annual output of 230000 cubic meters of high-quality medium and high-density fiberboard.

The company introduced Swedish environmental protection energy equipment to establish a factory energy center, and recycled all the processing residues, which not only reduced environmental pollution but also solved the company’s energy itself.

The wastewater treatment meets the national first-class discharge standard and is recycled. China wood based panel association has been hailed as a model of economic and environmental protection in the afforestation and processing industry.

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