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WPMA New Zealand

WPMA New Zealand | Wood Processors & Pine Manufacturers

These not only include traditional products such as solid and engineered wood, pulp, paper, packaging and panels but also new wood-based plastics, …

What we do

Advocacy, Lobbying and Government Representation

It’s not feasible for every company to maintain a strong and regular relationship with Ministers, Government departments, and other officials. What’s more, Government responds keenly to statements of united industry position, as compared to the position of an individual company. Members see this as our main way of achieving the WPMA purpose. We need to set the agenda and the environment around us using evidence-based advocacy. There is a strong feeling that this advocacy be channelled to the highest levels of national and local government and forest-growing company management. 

WPMA, with an Executive office located in central Wellington, has a strong voice with Government. Our Member’s shape the policy which we then put forward.

As a WPMA member, you have the ability to put your concerns to Government with the weight of the bulk of the processing and manufacturing industry behind them, rather than the concerns of only one firm.

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